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DiamondBack Toolbelts | Stile '24 Belt System

Original price £437.50 - Original price £437.50
Original price
£437.50 - £437.50
Current price £437.50
Size: XS/S (29"-36")
Colour: Black
Dominant hand: Right handed

The Stile was designed for the window/door installation and siding trades. 

Tempo Belt, Hammer Holster (dominant), Solo Drill Holster, Loki (non-dominant), Flat Bar Holster, 722 Slingshot

Run light and efficiently with this unique blend of Diamondback pouches, holsters, and accessories curated to carry your vital tools while keeping you supported and organized.

The Stile now comes standard with our game-changing Tempo belt!

              Add DiamondBack Deluxe Suspenders for the ultimate all day comfort

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