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DiamondBack Toolbelts | 722 Slingshot

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The DiamondBack Toolbelts | 722 Slingshot is the perfect choice for any trade looking for a small capacity tool pouch.

The comfortable and secure clips allow it to be easily attached to belts and pouches alike. Get the job done quickly and efficiently with this durable pouch.

The 722 Slingshot is constructed of two layers of 1000D Nylon which balances durability with a shorter break-in period. 

The Slingshot is shaped to make it easy to scoop out fasteners and small parts. The pocket remains open for fasteners and will not collapse when holding a tape measure or other tool. 

The rounded bottom allows for easy access to small tools and fasteners. 

The 722 attaches with a pair of clips and can be attached to a belt or another pouch. Attach them to any pouch for additional capacity.


Length: 19cm
Width: 19cm

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