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Viking Arm | Cabinet Installation Kit

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Viking Arm Cabinet Installation Kit accessory . The CABINET INSTALLATION KIT comes with both Base Pad and Lifting Pad included.

The kit consist of an extender (the black tall thing with red padding on top, the Base Pad and the Lifting Pad).

The Lifting Pad can actually NOT be used with the extender, as if you use the extender, you will use the padding on the top of it to place objects on.

However, you place the Lifting Pad on the Viking Arm if you are going to lift something where you do not need the taller extender, but still want to protect the surface/use the non-slip surface.

On the Cabinet Kit, all parts are fitted so they can be stored as one unit.  The pads can ALSO be bought seperately.

Cabinet Installation Kit consist of three parts (actually 5, as it also have a red locking pin + a spare pin)
The Viking Arm is not included in this item

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