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TrigJig T660 T Square with ViperBite™

by TrigJig
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With our innovative ViperBite Gripping System, the 660mm long T660 is an incredibly well designed and impressively built British T-Square.

CNC machined from 10mm and 6mm T6 6082 aluminium extrusion with an 18 micron thick anodised surface, it really is unashamedly over-engineered. 

The T660 measures 660mm from the inside of the headstock and includes scribe holes every 150mm, with an extra scribe at 610mm for halving boards that measure 1220mm. 

The ViperBite Gripping System is a simple but effective method to prevent accidental lateral movement when scoring or marking along the edge of the T-Square. Ordinary woodworking screws can be used to 'bite' into the surface of boards such as plywood, MDF, OSB, foam board or plasterboard.

There are handy cam tabs that prevent the headstock from rotating off the edge of the workpiece and the ruler can be mounted on either edge of the headstock.

The T660 has CNC-machined chamfered mating points between the ruler and headstock so when the fixing bolts are tightened the ruler and headstock are pulled square.

  • 660mm Laser Etched Ruler
  • CNC Machined Aluminium
  • 18 Micron thick anodised protective layer
  • Scribe holes every 150mm and at 610mm
  • Viperbite Gripping System
  • Double Cam Locks

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