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Sharp Edge Replacement Hone Kit

Sharp Edge Replacement Hone Kit

Made in UK

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The Sharp Edge Replacement Hone Kit contains a high-grade diamond hone for quickly and efficiently sharpening chisels for improved working performance. Its long-lasting and durable design are perfect for professional and DIY use alike.

Chisel Sharpener Hone Kit - A set of 4 replaceable sharpening hones for your Sharpedge Chisel Sharpener.

The Sharp Edge Replacement Hone Kit features a professional-grade hone for convenient and effective sharpening. The kit includes everything you need to restore your tools and blades to their original sharpness so you can get back to work quickly and safely.

When your supplied hones eventually wear down or lose their effectiveness, simply replace them with fresh new hones for an "as new" sharpening experience.


  • 200 grit extra coarse
  • 400 grit coarse
  • 800 grit fine
  • 1500 grit extra fine
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