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Pica | DRY Metal Set

by Pica
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The Pica Dry Metal-Set with scribing needle made of hard metal, is ideal for daily work with metal.

Due to the fact that the metal scribing needle is so robust, it enables precise marking for a very long duration, as it does not wear out even on rough surfaces.

The blistered Metal-Set consists of a Pica Dry with a gray cap, filled with a graphite lead„FOR ALL 2B“ and a scribing needle in a robust box for safe storage.

The gray cap allows quick differentiation from the standard Pica Dry on the pocket, workbench or tool belt.

You will receive the Pica Dry Marker directly in addition to the scribing needle, into which he can fill the scriber.

Filling the scribing needle from behind is essential to protect the mechanics of the Pica Dry! The Pica Dry‘s quiver makes it possible to place the scribing needle directly on the trouser pocket, protected, without the risk of injury and without damaging the work pants.

The Metal-Set can be attached to existing SB walls for optimal presentation in the store.

  • Bundle of Pica-Dry & scribing needle
  • Scribing needle made of hard metal
  • Ideal for scribing metal
  • Allows very precise marking for a long period of time - without wear and tear
  • Needle in practical plastic case for safe storage
  • Diameter: 2.8 mm, length: 30 mm
  • Pica-Dry equipped with standard graphite refill in 2B
  • With grey cap for quick distinction at the trouser pocket, workbench or tool belt
  • Quiver cap allows safe handling without risk of injury

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