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MHG | socket chisels 16mm-35mm

by MHG
Original price £83.50 - Original price £94.50
Original price
£83.50 - £94.50
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Size: 16mm

These precision MHG socket chisels are designed for superior performance.

Crafted from heat-treated steel for strength and durability, these chisels feature a 16mm-40mm range and a high-friction handle for secure grip and easy control.

The socket chisels from MHG are relatively large and thanks to their robustness are also suitable for carpentry applications.

The primary bevel is 30°, the additional micro-bevel increases this angle by a small amount. This micro-bevel extends no more than about 0.5 mm from the cutting edge, more is not necessary.

Because you don’t have to hone the entire bevel you save a lot of time whenever you grind the chisel. The larger bevel angle also avoids the cutting edge getting chipped, especially if the chisel is treated to heavy blows with the mallet or lots of leverage is applied.

The two oiled handles are made of ash. The blade has a hardness of 61 HRC and is ground to a fine finish, but as ever we recommend honing the blade on a fine water stone (grit grade 3000 or more).

The side bevels are ground down to the back of the blade, which makes for clean edges and corners when producing deep mortises.

Want to keep your chisels on-point? Check out the Gsharp Sharp Edge Precision Tool sharpening kit 


  • Total length with handle without hoop 260 mm
  • Total length with handle with hoop 265 mm
  • Handle diameter at the thickest point 32 mm
  • Blade thickness at the start of the bevel 6 mm
  • Blade thickness at the start of the socket 9 bis 10 mm
  • Length of the back of the chisel 85 to 93 mm
  • Usable length of the back of the chisel = max. mortise depth 100 mm
  • Blade length with socket 160 mm
  • Outside diameter of socket 21 mm
  • Inside diameter of socket 16 mm

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