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Martinez Tools | Tools Ballistic Rugged Nylon Stair Gauge (pair)

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Colour: Black

The Martinez Tools | Tools Ballistic Rugged Nylon Stair Gauge (pair) is a precise and durable tool to help you accurately transfer measurements. Constructed of ballistic nylon, this gauge is built to last and quickly and accurately measure stair jacks and stringers.

Includes one pair.

The MTC Ballistic Nylon Stair Gauge is made from glass-filled ballistic nylon material.

We used the same firearm material technology to create this rugged stair gauge-it’s tough and highly durable. 

How to use Martinez Tools Ballistic Stair gauges

Our design is built with a cam lock function that won’t mar your square’s surface. This unit fits any square with varying thicknesses, with an adjustable opening, ranging from 0- 5/16ths.

Made in collaboration with our aluminium stair gauge as a durable, more-accessible option.

About Martinez Tools

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