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Martinez Tools | M1 15oz Steel Replacement Head - Polished Edition

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Face: Smooth face

Bring new life to your hammer with the Martinez Tools M1 15oz Steel Replacement Head. Its strong steel build is designed for industrial-grade use and stands the test of time. Enjoy greater precision, accuracy, and durability with the M1 Steel Head.

The Martinez M1 15oz Steel Replacement Head is designed for maximum power and precision. Featuring Mark Martinez’s signature design, this replacement head is optimal for those seeking a unique, durable and powerful heavy-duty tool. 

Martinez M1 15oz Steel Replacement Head - Polished Edition

Experience superior engineering and unmatched quality with the Martinez Tool Co. M1 Smooth Face Polished Hammer. This special edition polished hammerhead is a masterfully engineered tool that exemplifies the unparalleled designs for which Martinez tools are renowned, setting new standards in durability, design, and functionality. Ideal for tradesmen ready to up their game and dominate their trade.

Product Specifications:

  • Smooth Face Design: Expertly crafted, the smooth face of the M1 offers flawless contact, ensuring a clean, precise impact with every strike. This design reduces marking on surfaces, making it ideal for finish work and fine carpentry tasks.
  • Polished Special Edition Coating: Revel in the extraordinary artistry of the Limited Edition Martinez Tool Co. Polished Hammer. This exclusive edition stands out with its impeccably polished finish, symbolizing the brand’s dedication to excellence and innovation. Its sophisticated and refined appearance sets a new benchmark in the industry.
  • Claw-to-Claw Dimensions: With a distance of 1 1/8 inches between claws, this hammer offers versatility and ease for a variety of nail-pulling operations.
  • Claw-to-Face Length: Featuring a length of 5 9/16 inches from claw to face, this hammer provides a well-balanced swing and enhanced leverage for efficient nail driving and demolition.
  • Face Diameter: The hammer’s face diameter of 1.5 inches ensures a generous striking area, ideal for diverse tasks ranging from framing to detailed finishing.
  • Durable Construction: Made with premium materials in the USA, the M1 hammerhead is built to endure the demands of heavy-duty usage, proving itself as a dependable tool for any job site or home improvement project.

Total Weight: 15 Ounces

Does not feature a serial number.


  • Smooth & milled available
  • Fits both M1 and M4 handles
  • Ideal for First fix and roofing work 
  • Some of the smooth face heads have been powder coated black. You may find that the powder coat will chip. This will not affect the performance of the hammer in any way however, if you are concerned about it, you can safely sand off the powder coat with a sander to reveal the smooth steel face.

Spanner to change head is available here  

Hammer bolt & washer included

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