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Empire | 7" True Blue Rafter Square

by Empire
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The Empire 7" True Blue Rafter Square is a reliable and professional-grade tool for framing and construction projects. With durable aluminum blades and a reliable, easy-to-read blue vial, you can quickly and accurately measure and mark angles to ensure precision in each project. Its heavy-duty construction is built to last.

Rafter squares are an essential part of any carpenter's measurement tools and equipment. Whether you are working on rafter layout or just need a quick 45° or 90° angle measurement, EMPIRE® is committed to delivering the most refined, accurate, and easy-to-use layout square.

Our TRUE BLUE® rafter squares deliver on our commitment and legacy of providing quality measurement solutions while our other rafter squares deliver a full line of solutions to meet any measuring needs. Back in 2015, EMPIRE® innovated rafter squares by being the first to market with laser etching technology, providing unmatched visibility and durability.

We later improved upon our squares by adding the SCRIBE-GUIDE™ scribe notch pattern designed to best fit any jobsite marking material.


  • Scribe-Guide™ precision scribe notches for marking at 1/2" and 1/4" increments allow for fast, accurate marking on the jobsite.
  • High-visibility laser etched markings allow for accurate, easy-to-read measurements every time.
  • A 15% wider heel allows the square to maintain a secure hold on lumber and other jobsite materials.
  • Extruded aluminum more durable than die-cast
  • Anodized aluminum will not rust or corrode
  • Permanent laser etched markings provide 2X accuracy over standard stamped squares
  • Conversion tables for common application needs
  • Inch graduations
  • Made in the USA

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