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DiamondBack Toolbelts | Volt '24 Belt System

Original price £399.50 - Original price £399.50
Original price
£399.50 - £399.50
Current price £399.50
Size: XS/S (29"-36")
Colour: Black
Dominant hand: Right handed

The Volt '24 System is the smaller sibling to the Spark and is tailor-made for residential electricians.

Tempo Belt, Mini Niko (dominant), Flux (non-dominant), Hammer Holster (dominant),

Powered by Diamondback's groundbreaking Tempo Belt, this system brings innovation and functionality to your electrical work.

Crafted with insights from residential electricians, the Volt '24 boasts the perfect blend of efficiency and comfort.

The Mini Niko pouch on the dominant side securely holds drivers, linesman, and essential hand tools, ensuring quick access during tasks.

On the non-dominant side, the Flux pouch provides ample room for testers, wire nuts, and additional auxiliary tools and fasteners.

              Add DiamondBack Deluxe Suspenders for the ultimate all day comfort

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