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DiamondBack Toolbelts | Belt 2.5″ FlexForm Toolbelt

Original price £124.50 - Original price £124.50
Original price
£124.50 - £124.50
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Size: Small 34"-39"

The Diamondback 2.5″ FlexForm Belt is the lightest padded tool belt of its size on the market.

Constructed with an extremely pliable foam pad, the FlexForm Belt will meld to your body with little to no break-in time.

Why the 2.5″ FlexForm Belt?

Choose this belt if you run light and want a minimal profile


Note that when choosing a size, there is an additional 10-12″ of belt webbing to expand your belt for those extra winter layers.  Measure your torso around the bellybutton (DO NOT USE YOUR TROUSER WAIST SIZE) and buy the belt that matches the measurement on our sizing chart.  If you size up, you will not be able to tighten your belt in the summer.

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