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DiamondBack Toolbelts | Basic Suspenders

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The DiamondBack Toolbelts | Basic Suspenders are a great way to take the weight off your hips and distribute it evenly around your body.

The braces ensure maximum comfort throughout the day, allowing you to work longer without sacrificing your posture.

Our Basic Suspenders are a perfect compliment to our 4″ and 6″ Belts for customers who need a little more support on their rigs.  These suspenders clip into the D-rings that are standard on all of our 4″ and 6″ Belts.

The Basics are made from the same ultra-tough, durable 2″ webbing that we use in our belts and are adjustable at all four contact points.  

The oversized buckle at the cross in the back allows the Basics to lie flat against your back for maximum comfort.  The steel hasps provide a solid connection that will not let you down.

The Basic Suspenders can attach to Classic DiamondBack belts with our Optional Suspender Rings. 

Attachment: Diamondback Basic Suspenders clip into the D-rings that are standard on the 4”, 6” and Cavetto Belts.


Weight   1lbs

Dimensions   3 X 4 X 1 inch

Other DiamondBack available! 

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