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Collins Tools | Miter Clamp Professional Kit

Collins Tools | Miter Clamp Professional Kit

Designed for accuracy & efficiency

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The Collins Tools Miter Clamp Professional Kit offers a reliable, efficient kit with miter clamps, clip and pliers. Crafted in the USA, this set is expertly crafted for optimal tension and grip. The included clip also ensures the pliers are easily stored and kept safe. Get the job done with confidence and precision every time.

This kit includes 13 Miter Clamps, Miter Clamp plier, and the Clamp Clip (RRP £78.50)

The handy Miter Clamp Pliers. It takes a pretty strong thumb to open our miter clamps wide, (they will open nearly two inches by the way).

Many users, including lots of big strong guys, like the ease of operation that the plier allows.

There is no strain in the hand with the plier so you can calmly place the points exactly where you want them.

If you use the clamps a lot and find that it pains the thumb, order a plier. They make applying and removing miter clamps easy.

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