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Boss Hammers | Titanium Cats Paw- Natural

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Created with specialized titanium, the Boss Hammers Titanium Cats Paw is designed to provide maximum strength and reliability. Its cats paw design ensures a secure grip and precise fit, making it an excellent choice for the professional who needs quality tools.

#he ultimate addition to your toolbelt.

The Boss Paw is an essential tool for the professional carpenter.

The Boss Hammers Titanium Cats Paw is a professional-grade pry bar made with an essential titanium construction and ergonomic cats paw design - perfect for removing nails and other fasteners quickly and safely. Crafted for strong, long-lasting performance, the Cats Paw is a reliable tool for any professional carpenter.

Made out of Titanium to be lightweight and more durable than steel.

The Boss Paw was designed with multiple functions to meet the needs of today's carpenter.

The Boss Paw also allows you to hook a nail head from 4 different locations at multiple angles to keep the job going.

Featuring a striking face with built-in magnetic nail starter that allows you to start finish nails in tight spaces.

You can also use the striking face to get under buried nail heads. Incorporated 13mm hex wrench.

Boss Hammer advise not to use a milled steel face directly as it deform the titanium surface over time. 

Made in USA.

Also available in Alcatraz Orange

Please note Boss tools are not sanded/lasered after they are produced to make them smooth and shiny. There are some that have "blemishes" in a few spots which do not affect the integrity of the tools.

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