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Badger Toolbelts | Accessory Pouch

Original price £45.50 - Original price £45.50
Original price
£45.50 - £45.50
Current price £45.50
Colour: Gunmetal Grey

The Badger Accessory Pouch is perfect for added storage on the rear of your belt. Handy with trim sets as it gives extra cargo space while keeping you streamlined.

The Badger Accessory Pouch is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and durability with its tear-resistant nylon material and extra capacity. The pouch also comes with a built-in tool pocket for organizing and securely storing your essentials.

This pouch attaches the same way as our main pouches and is easily removable. 

The bag is: 7″ High, 6″ Wide, and 4″ Deep.

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