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Part 8 - Buckaroo Toolbelt user review - TF Tools Ltd

Part 8 - Buckaroo Toolbelt user review

Corey @ce_joinery_and_fencing tell us about his Buckaroo Toolbelt that he uses on the work site.

By far the Best tool belt I’ve owned 

Comfortable to wear

The Buckaroo Padded braces distributes all the weight making it comfortable to wear all day long and love the colour. 
I’m a joiner building new homes so a lot of kit panels, first fix framing and roofing 

Pouch & accessories

I went for Buckaroo 3 Pocket Nailbag Version B - Black to carry my tools I use daily, speed square, tape, chalk line, Stanley knife, nail bar and a couple different drill bits. I could use a Magclip to access them quicker as the pockets are well made so quite tight when new. 

Similarly, on the other side is a Buckaroo 3 Pocket Nailbag - Black which I usually have fixings in perfect for carrying different types of nails in each  63, 75 and 90s, or screws of some sort. 

In addition, the Buckaroo Hammer Frog for the obvious reason to carry the Martinez 15oz M1 Titanium Framing Hammer  

Would I recommend a Buckaroo belt?

Expensive! but you get what you pay for and will not regret it


Want to shop the Buckaroo belt, pouch and accessories range?

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