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What TF stands for 💪

Mental Wellbeing and Charity Support

TF recognises the importance of encouraging a dialogue between construction workers and dismantling the stigma and silence surrounding mental health in this sector. 

TF is proud to host a platform that collaborates a host of people in the industry. There has been an overwhelming amount of support from our awesome customers through charitable fundraising and a collective alliance of providing necessary support and awareness of mental health within the industry.

Check out some of the charities TF has worked closely alongside to raise awareness...

The Lighthouse Club

A Construction Industry Charity providing a platform for individuals in the UK to access advice and guidance for their mental, physical and financial wellbeing. Importantly, providing a 24/7 helpline for those seeking help.                              

Recently, Lighthouse Charity have launched a campaign to raise awareness of mental health within our industry. 'Help Inside the Hard Hat' aims to provide a huge range of support and resources for the construction community including the 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline, free app and mental health training #HelpInsidetheHardHat.


TF have worked alongside a group of carpenters creating an online community to promote awareness and raise funding or mental health and prostate cancer; through selling raffle tickets on behalf of the wood butchers group, donating all proceeds split between 4 chosen charities: Pieta house, Aware Ireland, Prostate cancer UK and Lighthouse Club #itsoknottobeok.


The 'Mind Your Head Podcast' is a "place for folks in the construction industry and beyond to smash the stigma surrounding mental health". TF are working on an exciting collaboration with @myhpodcast so keep an eye out...

Recently TF hosted an IG discussion with some of our customers discussing the COVID-19 pandemic on construction industry and the impact on mental health to those within it #StartTheConversation.

Check out the link below...

Band of Builders

A charity seeking to create "a safe space for tradespeople to share their highs and lows, seek support and have some fun" acknowledging those in need and offering the necessary help.

To get involved or join the community, visit  #TogetherStronger.

TF aims to use recycled packaging for all our orders to reduce our waste and make an effort to bulk shipments together in hopes to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

We are constantly trying to align our brands with our ethos which recognises the importance of environmental awareness and ethically conscious production.

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