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NEW Dusty Boys Bundles

NEW Dusty Boys Bundles

We know that some of you may want to use more than one dusty boys 3m mats at a time, so we thought we would make a couple little bundles, to save you some money when buying together.

A really popular item here at TF, the Dusty Boys 3m mat and the Dusty Boys kneel pad have made a great impact with all of our customers. 

Dusty Boys Mat image


We have created 2 bundles for you, to give you want you want and save some money in the mean time. 

The first bundle that we have on offer, is the 3 pack of 3m Dusty Boys Surface mats. We noticed from our amazing customers images that a lot of you were purchasing more than one, and using multiple on site. So creating this bundle will hopefully mean that you can get what you are after but with a little discount. 

3 pack bundle of the 3m Dusty Boys surface mats

The other bundle that we created has one of the 3m mats in as well as one of the kneel pads. This little bundle is ideal for smaller projects where you don't need as much area protected. 

Dusty Boys 3m surface mat and kneel pad bundle

Shop the Dusty Boys Kneel Pad & Surface Mat Bundle.

We do offer these as individual items too, so if you only wanted the one, we have you covered too. 

Dusty Boys 3m Mat

Shop the Dusty Boys 3m Surface mat.

Dusty Boys Kneel Pad

Shop the Dusty Boys Kneel mat.

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