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Exclusive New Colour Addition to our Badger range - TF Tools Ltd

Exclusive New Colour Addition to our Badger range

Why HELLO Olive 🤩

We are super happy to be releasing the brand new and exclusive to TF Tools - Olive colour edition to our existing Badger Toolbelts range. 

Badger new range in Olive
We will be offering an Olive version of the existing Badger pouches that we have on offer (excluding left hand) and we will also have the Badger toolbelt and suspenders in this colour option! 
Carpenter Fastener Side by Side Bag
Carpenter Tool Bag
Trimmer Fastener Bag
Trimmer tool bag
Framer Fastener Bag
Framer Tool Bag
Badger Toolbelt Olive
Badger Suspenders
Badger Hammer Loop
Badger Accessory Pouch
Shop the full Badger Toolbelts range here!
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