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Coping During the Holiday Season - Lighthouse Charity

Coping During the Holiday Season - Lighthouse Charity

The holiday season is renowned for being the time of year to be happy and cheerful, celebrating with those around you, however, we know that for some people this time of year can feel like a massive burden. We also know that it can be super hard for us mentally, emotionally, physically and specifically at the minute with the cost of living being such a massive issue, financially.

But for many people, this time of year can trigger a lot of stress, anxiety and increased strain on mental health. 
So their advice, is to reach out to friends and family, and if that's not something that you can do then contact them, they have people on hand 24/7 to help if you feel you need someone to talk to.
• Call 0345 605 1956 (UK) 1800 939 122 (ROI)
• Text HARDHAT to 85258 (UK) 50808 (ROI)
For more information take a look on the construction industry helpline webpage
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