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Meet The... TF Community, Emma @Lecarpentry - TF Tools Ltd

Meet The... TF Community, Emma @Lecarpentry

We chatted to Emma of @lecarpentry about how she got into the trades and her experience on site. 

Did you always want to work in construction?

Before being a carpenter I used to be a police officer. As the years went on the pressure of that role and the shifts became too much. I always enjoyed DIY and building things. I tried a bit of plumbing, brick laying and carpentry. But knew all along I liked the idea of carpentry.

How did you start in the trade?

I joined a women in trades apprenticeship scheme with a company who wanted to get more women in the industry.

What do you enjoy the most?

I love talking to customers about their plans and then creating their vision. I love making storage solutions as they can transform a room.

When making and fitting a kitchen it’s such a big job for our customers it’s lovely to see them enjoying a space we helped create.

What's the one tool you can't live without?

There are quite a few, but I wouldn’t want to be without a pencil compass and scriber. Got to keep fillers nice and tight.

What do you enjoy doing in your downtime?

I like go on hikes with my partner and dogs, I’m always trying to holiday. I enjoy sports and play rugby. I also try to fit in some time for golf with my business partner when work time allows!

How do you find it being a woman in construction - does it make any difference to you on site?

I’ve been lucky to not face too much of an issue. I’ve had the odd inappropriate comment, but I’ve tried to educate as I’ve gone along. It’s important to have a bit of confidence to stand up and challenge things.

You will get people who stand and stare waiting to see if you can lift something on your own rather than offer to help.

After a few hours, they soon realise on site that I’m not that different. I just want to turn up to work and get the job done. Like everyone else really.

What would be your advise to girls considering carpentry as a profession?

It’s a great trade to get into. Covering so many different aspects. Instagram is a good platform to find other female trades and generally a great place to see some amazing carpentry work in general.

Be warned though - once you’re a carpenter your family will keep you busy with jobs!

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Helen Le Gallais - September 8, 2022

Hi just wanted to say hello as well as saying that this is a lovely blog.

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