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Meet the brand...Mafell✨ - TF Tools Ltd

Meet the brand...Mafell✨

Mafell is a German brand who produces high quality power tools

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Here at TF we offer a wide range of Mafell tools and machines. From portable carpentry saws to reversible knives, you can be sure that you’ll be impressed by the high quality and precision of this collection.

Some of Mafell's Carpentry Saw range



 Mafell Z5Ec Portable bandsaw

Mafell ZH 320 Ec Carpentry Planing Machine

Mafell K 85 Ec Circular Plunge Saw L-MAX

Mafell MKS 130Ec Portable Circular Carpentry Saw


Mafell NFU 50 Groove cutting machine

Mafell KSS80Ec / 370 Circular Saw System


Shop all the range of Mafell power tools now!!

Have a little look at some reviews that might help before you choose the one!

 Mafell ZSX Carpenter's Beam Saw Review from TF Scott

 Mafell Extractors

Mafell S35M M Class Extractor

Mafell S25M M Class Extractor





Mafell Drill Stations

Mafell BST460s Drilling Station

Mafell A18 Cordless Drill Driver A 18 in the T-MAX


 All the Mafell accessories and replacement parts are available and in stock✨

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