Shinwa Rules

Welcome to Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd.'s official website. In 2021, we celebrated our 50th anniversary, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our valued customers' continued business and support, as well as our highly skilled staff members who have devoted themselves to the development and sales promotion of our great products.

'Make happy those who are near, and those who are far will come.'
We have made this quote from Confucius our corporate motto as we strive for steady growth. We believe we can enrich society as well as ourselves by devoting our efforts to serving our valued customers.

Shinwa has a friendly corporate culture. We respect the personal qualities of each of our employees and help them realize their potential. As an organization, we aspire to grow and develop and build prosperity for future generations on a global basis through the innovative ideas crafted by our exceptional employees.

Shinwa provides our employees with systematic training programs to help them develop their careers and lead fulfilling lives. Our staff members are highly skilled in serving our valued customers with dedication and consideration.

Despite drastic changes in our business environment, here in 2021 I am proud of the following accomplishments we have made over these past 50 years:

-Transforming ourselves into one of the largest corporations in Niigata Prefecture with 3 manufacturing plants, 6 business offices as well as both a domestic and overseas logistics center, as a result of our efforts to adapt to an ever-changing business environment

- Establishing the SHINWA brand and maintaining the largest domestic sales share of accurate metallic rulers since the company’s foundation, and

-Expanding sales volume significantly by meeting our diverse customers' needs with the development of various types of products besides metallic rulers.
Thanks to these accomplishments, we have transformed from a small company with only a handful of staff members in the beginning into a large organization with more than 500 employees worldwide.

There are a variety of “measuring" situations such as measuring for length, weight, and temperature. Naturally, the more accurate a measuring tool is, the more likely it can obtain a correct measurement. Unfortunately, however, a significant numbers of manufacturers disregard this principle, which causes difficulties for their customers.

Since ancient times, measuring instruments have played important roles in manufacturing activities and transactions. Although there are various languages, characters and measurement units around the globe, reliable and accurate measuring instrument that serve as standards have been treasured universally.

All human activities, including those surrounding basic needs such as clothing, food and housing, as well as today’s rapidly advancing developments in information technology that are improving the quality of our lives, depend on accurate standards.

Our customers have come to recognize that the SHINWA brand reflects accuracy and inspires trust, and we are working hard to bring our products to even more people around the world. Our promise is to make our best efforts toward meeting our customers' needs and continue supplying reliable, high-quality measuring instruments.