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Buckaroo - How to attach the Shoulder Braces

How to attach the Shoulder Braces

1. Lay belt on a flat surface with easy access to the 3 metal loops
that are positioned evenly along the top edge of the belt.

2. Undo the 3 braces straps as they are wrapped up for POS purposes.

3. Beginning with the back shorter strap, attach to the middle
wire loop on the belt. Attach by passing the webbing through
the wire loop and then threading through the plastic trip
slide until the strap is tucked in with no overhang.

4. Before affixing the 2 front braces straps, fasten belt to the body.

5. Step 5: As the back strap is already fixed, the wearer needs to
bring the 2 front straps over the front of their body and attach
to the wire loops whilst the belt is being worn (this way the
tension can be determined without needing to trial and error too
much). Thread the 2 remaining straps through as per Step 3.

6. Connect chest strap for a firm fit.

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