Tape Holsters - All you need to know

Tape Holsters - All you need to know

We have lots of Tape Holsters available here at TF and this blog is going to look into some offerings from DiamondBack Toolbelts, Occidental Leather and even an option if you are a Badger Toolbelts fan.

TF Lucy created an amazing video showcasing the tape holders that we do have available here at TF. She also created a comparison for you by using 2 different tapes. The top selling Tajima 5m class 1 tape which is a much more compact measure and then the Milwaukee 5m tape (one of TF Scott's collection), which is a more bulky tape with a rubber outer casing. 

Starting with Diamondback, its good to mention at this point that all 3 of the tape holders I will mention below are attached using a metal clip and can fit up to a 2" wide belt/webbing.

DiamondBack Toolbelts | Easy-Release Tape Holster – Deluxe

This is the larger size tape holder from DiamondBack and is made from Diamondskin and flexible heavy duty nylon. 

Tape Holster Deluxe DiamondBack

It offers extra organisation on the outside with the added elasticated holder perfect for drill bits or those smaller items. 

DiamondBack Deluxe Tape Holder

The Milwaukee 5m, fits nice and snug offering up a good fit and the Tajima 5m also fits nicely with a little bit more room either side. 

To be able to get the tape measure out a little easier, all you need to do is push up from the bottom of the pouch to easily release the tape measure. 

DiamondBack Toolbelts | GK1 Pouch

The GK1, may not be classed as 'just' a tape measure holder, but more of a small capacity pouch. We thought it would be great to include this as an option as it could offer that extra bit of storage that you were after.

DiamondBack GK1 Pouch - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

We tested the GK1 with both the smaller Tajima 5m and the Milwaukee 5m and both had a really nice fit. So this would be an option for the bulkier tape, if that was your preference. 

DiamondBack Toolbelts | Easy-Release Tape Holster – Small

This is the smaller capacity tape holster on the market by DiamondBack. It is though, made from the same material as the Deluxe, so you can be sure to be getting the same quality just with the smaller capacity. 

DiamondBack Easy-Release Tape Holster – Small - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

The Tajima 5m was a perfect fit for this tape holder. We also tested the Milwaukee, which did fit, however this was a more snug fit for the bulkier tape.

This does though come with the added extra that you can press the base of the holder to make the release more seamless. 

Badger Toolbelts

Badger currently do not have a pouch solely designed with the tape measure in mind however they do offer the tool accessory pouch.

Badger Accessory Pouch - Badger ToolbeltsTF Tools Ltd

This pouch currently is offered in 4 colours; Gunmetal Grey, Sawdust Sage, Hi Viz Orange and the exclusive to TF Olive

This pouch has a wide mouth opening at the front which would be a great place to slot your tape. Another offering is a small compartment which also could be used to clip your tape on. 

Badger Accessory Pouch - Badger ToolbeltsTF Tools Ltd

You can attach this pouch using the hook and loop system where it would wrap around a belt up to 3" for a nice secure fit.

Occidental Leather

Here's a little something that is worth noting with the Occidental Leather tape holders, is the way that they attach. These can all be threaded onto a toolbelt which is up to 3".

5522 - Belt Worn 4 in 1 Tool/Tape Holder

The Occidental 5522 is a multifunctional small capacity tool pouch which can hold your tape, a chisel, pencil, screwdriver or small tool based on what you are needing to use of course. 

Occidental Leather 5522 - Belt Worn 4 in 1 Tool/Tape Holder - Occidental LeatherTF Tools Ltd

You have the capacity to slot your tape in the front in its very own compartment. When testing the different sized tapes we found that the Tajima 5m fitted in perfectly. One thing to consider, if going for the more bulky tape, that this is made from natural leather therefore at first you may find it a little stiff and harder to manoeuvre in and out. You will just need to allow a bit of time for the leather to soften for that easier tape release.

Occidental Leather 5522 - Belt Worn 4 in 1 Tool/Tape Holder - Occidental LeatherTF Tools Ltd

A tape like the Milwaukee will fit in this sized pouch, it is just a little more snug than the Tajima and will require the clip to be removed. 

5037 - High Mount Tape Holder

This holder has been designed solely with the purpose of holding a tape measure and does not have any extra space. Its a great little holder, which we found fit both the Tajima 5m and the Milwaukee 5m. 

Occidental Leather 5037 - High Mount Tape Holder - Occidental LeatherTF Tools Ltd

There is also a small hole at the front bottom of this holder, which allows for an easier release of the tape by pushing up.

5047 - Tape & Knife Holder

This holder is a multi tape pouch in that it offers a few extra slots for things like pencils and a utility knife.

Occidental Leather 5047 - Tape & Knife Holder - Occidental LeatherTF Tools Ltd

This particular model is very structured and will certainly need the leather to be broken in. The Tajima 5m we found was the best fit tape measure out of the two. Although the Milwaukee fitted nice and snug, you would just need to allow a little time for the leather to soften to allow for the smooth use.

To shop all of our tape holders then take a look at the tape holder collection. 

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