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NEW DiamondBack rigs

NEW DiamondBack rigs

We have 3 exciting new rigs from DiamondBack which we cannot wait to share with you all. 

DiamondBack Toolbelts Cypress Rig 

This great new addition is a super lightweight modular belt system for trim, install or woodworking jobs. 

Being created around light fit, this system opts for the Flexform toolbelt which is sure to offer that. 

DiamondBack Toolbelts | Cypress Rig

The exciting difference with this set up is it doesn't offer pouches but offers several key clip on accessories. 100% this will give you the ability to be flexible with your set up and easily be able to add or remove the modular elements.

Accessories included on this set up are:

DiamondBack Toolbelts Drywaller

A perfect set up for Plasterers, this rig offers organisation with its unique design. You will have no problems carrying everything you need as this has been built to hold things like utility knives, rasps, pencils, markers, hammer or drywall axe, and of course a ton of drywall screws! There is a spot for it all. 

This configuration includes:

It's worth remembering with this rig that it comes in both Right and Left handed versions. 

Right Handed - You would wear the Axe pouch on your left, the Flux and hammer holster on your right. 

DiamondBack Toolbelts | Drywaller - Right Hand

Left Handed - This would be the opposite way round so the Axe pouch on your right and then the Flux and hammer holster on your left. 

DiamondBack Toolbelts | Drywaller - Left Hand

DiamondBack Toolbelts Stile

A perfect rig designed for 1st fix carpentry, this rig will be sure to run light and efficiently. Offering a unique blend of pouches to accessories, you will certainly gain space to carry your every day tools.

This configuration contains:

 Another rig that can be offered in both Right and Left hand. 

Right Handed - With this version, you would wear the Loki pouch on your left side and the Solo and Hammer holster on your right. 

The Stile rig Right Hand Side

Left Handed - This will be worn opposite to the Right in that the Loki will now be worn on the right hand side and the Solo and hammer holster is to be worn on the left. 

The Stile Rig Left Hand side

Find all of the DiamondBack Toolbelts rigs here...

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