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TF Tools & sustainability 🌍💛

At TF Tools, we have always considered our impact, however small on our environment.  #everylittlehelps


TF Tools as a team very strongly believes in values that promote equality and respect for individual rights.

Whether it is within our team workplace or within our online community. We have a zero tolerance policy on discrimination and bullying. Team TF has always promoted well-being & mental health awareness in the construction industry.

TF recognises the importance of encouraging a dialogue between construction workers and dismantling the stigma and silence surrounding mental health in this sector. 


  • While designing & building our new office, TF Scott has carefully considered the footprint in the structure & it's services. 
  • We will be running off Solar power & air source heat pump 

  • We have planted over 100 trees & hedges locally to encourage biodiversity
  • Our packing team use recycled boxes & packaging whenever possible
  • Our branded tape is kraft paper which is recyclable
  • Faulty items we rehome where possible for the remainder of their useful life
  • Team TF cycle, walk & care share to work as well as work from home 2 days a week to reduce commuting time

We are constantly trying to align our brands with our ethos which recognises the importance of environmental awareness, ethically conscious production and fair working conditions.

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