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Small Business Day

As we're a small business we know better than anyone else how important it is to support small businesses. Today we want to tell you more about some great brands who are small businesses but produce some awesome tools. All of these brands were started by guys who are in a woodworking trade, they work on the tools and invented their tools to help make your working life easier.  We're proud to distribute their products and support them.


We're super proud to sell such awesome tools from this USA brand supplied by Sven & Louis in Washington, USA.
We have been working with these guys for a few years and had the chance to meet them in the USA this summer. It was an absolute pleasure to meet them.   Aluminium framing jigs, Framing Square Attachment, Carabiner, High quality Squares – all their great well-made tools you can shop from us.

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British company that is founded by Gervase in Wiltshire, a really sound guy who we love working with, full of ideas for creating content for you guys. He started out in cabinet making and furniture restoration in the 1970s, then moved onto making kitchens for the next 40 yrs. He had the idea for the Gsharp in 1999, he created a prototype for this daughter to use. She said how easy it was, and Gervase knew he was onto something special.

G sharp produces super helpful Chisel Sharpener, every carpenter needs this tool as it helps to keep chisels sharp always.

Sharp Edge Precision Tool sharpening kit

It is a simple and trouble-free way to sharpen chisels and plane blades from 3mm to 85mm wide. The Chisel Sharpener aka Sharp Edge is very easy to use whether you are right or left handed. The Sharp Edge is incredibly safe as the blade remains static while being sharpened.

Sharp Edge Precision Tool sharpening kit - G Sharp ToolsTF Tools Ltd

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The Block Scribe - Ultimate Edition

Another amazing brand founded by Steve who lives in East Sussex, a furniture builder by trade.

 They produce irreplaceable tool - The Block Scribe. Easy to use and so helpful.

A fixed dimensioned block for accurately scribing a parallel line along a surface with six pre-set scribe dimensions to correspond with commonly used sheet material thicknesses and techniques. Great for fitted furniture installers, carpenters and general use where a set dimensioned line is required.

 The Block Scribe JNR - Ultimate edition - Block ScribeTF Tools Ltd

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Founder, Mike Rogan has a mechanical background in fabrication and sent his brother, a Marine EOD in Iraq as his bayonet kept breaking. Mike designed him a simple prybar/digging tool to use instead. He started making small batches to send over, popularity grew & now he does it full time.

Mike says " I feel like I’m already retired as my hobby is my job so it doesn’t really feel like “work” at all. It’s a lot of fun and I look forward to waking up early every day and making these tools that are sold in now 10 countries!" We love this 😊

This brand is so good at producing so handy and universal pry bars.

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Founded by Ulf Nilsson in Sweden.

He first came up with the Idea for the Bitmag while he was doing an apartment renovation for a customer who wanted to save most of the old mounted interior! While he was disassembling part of the kitchen and clothes hangers he needed to temporarily change the bit all the time because they had used so many different screws. He created a prototype that evening and attached it to the side of his power tool and he chose to do 5 easy accessible slots.

After using it for 8 months on his own, his colleagues started borrowing it too much so he created wooden ones first and then the first batch of CNC machined alumiunium!

And Bitmag was born 😁

Magnetic Bit Storage System

This unique magnetic bit holder from Sweden, suitable for electrical drill / driver and impact driver (power driver/drill tools).

Bitmag bit holders - metal - BitmagTF Tools Ltd

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Dusty Boys

British brand offers a professional and very useful product, perfect for all sites. We offer two products from their range which is the surface mat and the kneel pad. 

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We love this tool with its uncomplicated design, exceptionally strong magnet and well built. Designed & produced by an independent carpenter in Gothenburg, Sweden. One of our best selling small hand tools.

The unique super powerful neodymium magnet that holds the bit in place and covers the entire front where you can attach everything magnetically you have as bits, screws, drills, bolts, nuts and even whole screw boxes!

MagClip - MagClipTF Tools Ltd

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