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✨DiamondBack Xmas ideas ✨ - TF Tools Ltd

✨DiamondBack Xmas ideas ✨

Need a little bit of inspiration this Christmas? Look for that perfect gift for any DiamondBack lover?

Well we have selected the best selling items for you from our DiamondBack range, so take a look at some awesome Xmas gift ideas 🎁


Let's start with the essential toolbelt...

DiamondBack Toolbelt

Based on a lightweight, durable design, this belt distributes weight away from your hips for years of pain-free wear.

DiamondBack Toolbelt - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

Available Belt width: 4" & 6" 
 The 4” Diamondback Belt can be found on our Artisan, Chopo and Maestro Complete Systems.
 Choose the 4″ if you’re looking for medium support and a smaller belt profile.

DiamondBack Toolbelt - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

Ok so we have the belt, now let's look at some new pouches that have landed this autumn. Got to keep up with the newest trend haven't we!

DiamondBack SXS Pouch

This pouch offers a great side by side solution offering maximum efficiency. The SxS gives you maximum fastener storage without sacrificing tool organization. It features an open-mouth, scoop design on the main pocket, making access to your essentials easy…even with gloved hands.


DiamondBack SXS Pouch - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

A little bit about it, it has 3 pockets, 7 tool slots, 1 tool loop. You ca also add the hammer holster and flat bar holster. Like all of our DiamondBack range, these are available in Black & Ranger Green. 

DiamondBack SXS Pouch - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jamie K.

"Brilliant, it fits everything u need with loads of room for more and quality as always"

DiamondBack Axe Pouch

Another newly launched pouch which is compact and low profile. The Axe has ample space to carry your essential drywall tools, plus enough room for fasteners too! It has 3 pockets, 9 tool slots, 1 tool loop. Look at all of those tools it can fit! 

DiamondBack Axe Pouch - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

DiamondBack Axe Pouch - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

Here is a short video of the Axe pouch: 

And for the person who always moans that they have a bad back...

DiamondBack Deluxe Suspenders Silver

Fully adjustable suspenders designed to perfectly balance the load over your hips, waist and shoulders.


DiamondBack Deluxe Suspenders Silver - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd


 Basic Suspenders also available!

DiamondBack also offer other forms of tool Storage, and one of the most popular items for this are the DiamondBack Sax. So without any doubts it will be a really useful gift for anyone looking for extra storage. 

DiamondBack Mini Spine - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

DiamondBack DB Sax

Reliable, handy and durable bags to make your work easier and keep your tools in a proper way.  These pouches are perfect to secure extra fasteners or other bulky materials that don’t quite fit in your pouches like shims, bolts, electrical outlets or plumbing connections, to be honest they will hold most things.

DiamondBack DB Sax - All Yellow - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

 Thinking of giving the carpenter in your life that BIG gift, well look no further this Christmas as here are a few of the most popular rigs on offer.

DiamondBack Artisan Rig

This rig offers a mid-size option of pouches. Has a 4in belt which will give you good back support but also provide the sufficient support for carrying those size pouches when loaded up.

DiamondBack Artisan Carpenter - Right hand - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

Diamondback Maestro System & DiamondBack The Chopo rig

The Maestro and Chopo are the best options for 2nd fix/ finishing work, also on a 4in belt but with smaller pouches it still offers plenty of organisation.

Diamondback Maestro System

Diamondback Maestro System - Trim set Right hand - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

 DiamondBack The Chopo rig

DiamondBack The Chopo rig - Right hand - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

 Have a look and choose your best Xmas gift here!

   Enjoy your DiamondBack Xmas shopping🎄🎁 😁👌

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