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Meet... TF IG Community discuss #itsoknotobeok

After Covid-19 hit we thought it would be good to catch up with some of our community and see how they supported each other and  navigated 2019 /2020.

We have an incredible community on and offline. You, our customers, really support each other in terms of technical advice on site but also provide some awesome support to each other off site too.   

Our guests from the TF Community are @cr_joinery @dave_the_carpenter_ @sharkattack1979 @thatchippysteve talked about their highs and lows over the Covid-19 Pandemic and how they worked through it and supported others. 

Meet the guys 



  • Appreciation for your support network, your partner and family being there and what they do to support you as well
  • In addition, enjoying good music, walks with the family for time out and getting headspace from work




  • You have only gotta get up once, no matter how many times you get knocked down. In other words, he found that taking responsibilities for the past is healthy but move forward there is no point in keep looking back
  • Make sure you have time for the things you enjoy, it isn't all about work. Got back into mountain biking, playing the guitar, exercise, structuring day and writing lists to help
  • Above all, asking for support - family, group chat with @wood.butchers




  • During the Covid-19 lockdowns there were lots of worries about finances especially when you are self-employed and also not seeing family living abroad during all the lockdowns was really hard
  • Make time for downtime. For instance, enjoy spending time with the family and getting a chance to make home renovations, mountain biking and wood carving to switch off for a while, really relaxing




  • Positive point of lockdown that you got to spend time with the people who are the reason you go to work for, your family
  • For instance, just being grateful for our health, not to underestimate the importance of that
  • Keeping weekends for family time, picnics, walks and group chat supporting each other (originally on IG moved to WhatsApp)
  • However, don't suffer in silence, speak to someone

 How should you ask for help? How can you help others?

  • In conclusion, speak to someone you don't know particularly can make it easier if you are worried about judgement
  • In other words, you don't need to feel ashamed, life is hard #itsoknotobeok
  • Check in with a mate - ask the next question, don't just ask "You alright?" follow it up and say "How is everything going?"
  • Also, be nice on social media - one positive comment could make someone's day :-) If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all
  • Call any of the trade specific helplines 
  • @lighthouseconstructioncharity UK 0345 609 1956
  • Freephone 1800 247 247 Text HELP to 51444
  • You can read more about us and What TF Stands For.

Watch the full interview below on YouTube


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