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Why are WoodOwl Ultra Smooth Auger bits the best?

WoodOwl Ultra Smooth Auger bits were the brand that TF Tools launched with in 2016.

We had been using them on our oak framing projects for years & they are miles better than the competitor brands.

Triple bladed

Three blades for cutting instead of the traditional two blades, this means that each blade stays sharper for longer and the swarf is cleared easily in each use.

Teflon coated

The protective teflon coating reduces the friction in drilling into wood, whether is green oak, kiln dried or softwood.

Worm tip

The threaded worm tip allows the auger bit to take more easily in to the wood grain when starting the hole. This tip can be sharpened with a needle file, although you won't need to do this for a long old time, in our experience.

Fluted tips

The 3 fluted tips enable some of the cleanest entry and exit holes we have ever experienced in our oak framing, carpentry and joinery work. The reduction in breakout makes for a cleaner finish with less remedial tidying work.

Japanese standards

The Quality Control carried out by WoodOwl in Japan is extremely high, we have sold 10,000's of their auger bits over the years and the quality control issue rate is less than 0.01%

The main thing to bear in mind is not to force, or push your WoodOwl bit, let it do the work.

TF Scott's Top tip 

As a general guide, use low speed (although they can go high speed than other brands) and high torque will give you the best outcome and make sure you clear out the waste as you go.

Nail Chippers 

These are double bladed and are designed to "eat" through nails, screws etc without ruining your auger bit. These give a less refined cut but are great for working on restoration work when you don't know what you might find!

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Photo Credits📸: Simon, Oak Frame

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