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Why are titanium hammers better than all steel?

There have been huge advancements in the tool design of hammers, arguably lead by Mark Martinez. 

Mark has been making and swinging hammers for over 30 years, and in 2000 designed and produced Stiletto titanium hammers.

Traditionally, hammers were made from a combination of steel and/or hickory wooden handles such as Estwing hammers.

Typically either an all-steel hammer or a steel head on a hickory handle. Martinez Hammers has since innovated titanium into the mix, initially with the Stiletto range. TiBone model, with all titanium and replaceable steel faces and the hickory handled with a titanium head in a variety of weights.

Other hammer brands have followed suit including Dalluge, Vaughan and more recently Boss Hammers (all based in the USA)

In 2015 Martinez Tools company launched a new improved design with the Martinez Tools 12oz M4 Titanium Finishing Hammer and Martinez Tools 15oz M1 Titanium Framing Hammer range. 

These lightweight hammers are modular so all the parts are replaceable, making it a real heirloom tool.

It is built to last, titanium handle, high grade rubber grip and interchangeable steel heads.

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