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What's the difference between the Martinez Titanium hammers | M1 versus M4?

What's the difference between the Martinez Titanium hammers | M1 versus M4?

Martinez Titanium Hammers have consistently been our best selling hammer brand since we added it to our range in 2018.

What are the two main types of hammer? What jobs are they best for? What are the main differences?

Mark Martinez, has designed these two main types of hammer for each of the most common areas of carpentry - 1st fix/roofing & framing and 2nd fix/finishing.

Martinez M1 15oz Framing hammer

This hammer is the equivalent to a 20/22oz Estwing or similar.

How is that possible?

The ergonomic design means that this hammer works with gravity & let's the steel "do the work for you".

The handle on all the Martinez hammers is made from titanium so it is super lightweight but strong. The head is all steel, so this means the weight is at the head end. When you swing the hammer, all the striking force comes from the weight being distributed at the head end.

Therefore, the head only needs to weigh 15oz to give you the same impact as the usual heavier counterparts.

15oz Hammer head

The M1 15oz head is round and available as either smooth or milled face. 

M1 Hammer handle

The straight handle is approx 415mm and the curved handle: 413mm.

Martinez M4 12oz Finishing hammer

This is equivalent to 16oz Estwing or similar. 

📸 @JWA Building Services Limited square

12oz Hammer head

The shape of this head is designed for working in small spaces and corners. 

The top of the head is flat so you can get flush to the corner.

The face options are Smooth or Dimple (inverted textured on the surface, designed to provide some grip with less impact on surface of the wood than a milled face)

M4 Hammer handle

The straight handle is approx 364mm and the curved handle: 362mm.

Hammer handle grips for M1 & M4 

Available in Black or Clear combos

The Martinez hammer grips fit on to any of the Martinez hammer handles.

Other Martinez hammer heads

Due to the innovative design, you can interchange all the hammer heads on the Martinez hammers using a 3/8in spanner.

Looking for Demo work?  You can smash into a lot with the M79 2lb Sledgehead 

Or ultra lightweight? The M4 Ti 7oz Titanium Smooth Face Finish Head is designed for any finish carpentry, remodeling, and light framing.

If you are a brickie - Martinez have you covered too with the Martinez Kinetic collab brick hammer heads

📸 @grimwoodtom

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