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What is the best hammer brand?

Having used a range of brand hammers in our carpentry team over the last twenty plus years, we have first hand experience of the best hammers on offer, combined with hearing what TF Tools customers think over the last 7 years.

TF Scott had a few hammers on his belt over the years.

His first hammers were Estwings, a 22oz and 28oz, looking back now, they felt a bit lumpy and unrefined. He moved onto the Dalluge 14oz titanium head, 16 in hickory handle. Straight away it was so much lighter and less tiring to use. Although, it was a nice hammer to use it was restricted by the wooden handle when using it on demo work.

Since discovering the world of titanium hammers, he has been through them all.

Head and shoulders above the rest is the Martinez hammer range of M1 and M4s. Designed by Mark Martinez, tool innovator and designer, who created the Stiletto titanium range. This American made, artisan tool range, is built with use in mind. Reducing the effort required to swing a hammer – because that’s the goal, work smarter not harder right?

It is straight forward science: Force = Mass x Velocity.  This means: if you increase the speed, by having a longer handle, you can decrease the mass which means a lighter head, but maintain your striking force. 

The result is less stress on the system, which in this instance is your arm, swinging your hammer all day. Add to that, the steel head means the weight distribution lies at the head end, giving you superb balance and having the handle made of titanium, means the hammer overall is a lot lighter, but has way more strength than a wooden handle.

Scott's got-to hammer, Martinez Stormtrooper M1 15oz, milled face and curved handle.

The Martinez M1 15oz hammer and M4 12oz hammers are available in many colour combinations.

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