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What Brand Belts, Pouches & Suspenders are compatible?

We get asked this question a lot, there are a lot of brands now that make some kick ass toolbelts and also an astonishing range of pouches.

Choosing what is best for you is worth spending some time on. If you want to know which brands you can "mix and match" here is your guide;

Two things to consider;

  1. What belt you want to attach your pouch or accessories too
  2. What style of attachment the pouch/ accessory has

Belts - There are two styles of belt.

Regular single section belts that are like a regular belt you'd wear on your trousers, these are typically 2in or 3in in width. 


DiamondBack CobraFrame Pants belt 2in

Occidental leather 8003 and 5035 belts both 3in

Padded & Support toolbelts these have general two parts, the inner which is wider and padded to support your back & provide comfort these can be between 4-6in wide. The outer which is usually a 2in belt which unloops from the inner for pouches/accesories.


DiamondBack 2.5 Flexform, 4 & 6in support belts , Tempo Belt & Cavetto 4in

Badger Toolbelt 6in belt

Occidental Leather 5135 Comfort Belt  6in

Pouches - attach in two ways

Either a pouch has a closed loop on the top which only allows a belt up to 3in to be threaded through it for example most of the Occidental Leather pouches 

Or there is a Hook and Loop system which is where there is a Velcro panel on the back of the pouch which undoes and wraps around the belt such as on DiamondBack pouches and Badger pouches. See YouTube video below.

If you are buying Hook and Loop pouches - they will fit onto any belt up to 3in wide.


There are two ways suspenders attach across the brands we sell either;

  • 3 point system - two connects at the front either side of the body and one in the centre at the back. Badger Toolbelts Suspenders both have 3 point systems which thread the nylon webbing through the metal wide loops on their belts and secure with a buckle

If you want some more advise on toolbelts, we have also written some Step-by-Step Guides on how to choose the set up best for you

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