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Part 1 - What Belt is best for my toolbelt setup?

Belt - this is your base for whatever set up you go for

    The belt serves two main purposes; back support and carrying your pouches/ accessories.

    Most brands have two different levels of belt, the wider/more reinforced the belt the better the support it can offer.

    DiamondBack have a range of belts which include Cobra Frame Pants belt, 2in Flexform, 4in (10cm) and 6in (15cm) belts, we want to focus on their Support belts here.

    The 4in belt provides a good level of support and weight distribution for a light to medium weight carry.

    The 6in belt provides the highest level of support in this brand's range, it is diamond shaped at the centre of the belt at the back 6in wide, so it is widest at the small of your back to provide the most support. It tapers to 4in width at the front. This is your heavier weight carry belt.

    DB belts are fastened with a Cobra quick release metal buckle.

    DiamondBack Sizing chart


    Occidental Leather manufacture a 2in and 3in belt, we only sell the 3in versions as they provider the best base for this range.

    The 5035 model is a highest quality 12-14 oz. bridle leather to provide support and comfort. It was a 2in wide leather tongue and a nickel-plated steel single roller buckle.

    The 8003 model is a padded nylon belt with the same 2in wide leather tongue and a nickel-plated steel single roller buckle as the 5035. This version is more comfortable to due the extra padding.

    The 5135 model & B5135 is made from Latigo Leather and sweat wicking wool to provide support and comfort all day long. Edge stitched for quality, appearance, and strength.

    Occidental Leather Belt size guide

    Badger Toolbelt Sizing Chart

    Badger offers 5 sizes of toolbelts ranging from a Small - 2XLarge. Made from nylon, they have been made with comfort in mind. 

    For full sizing information for Badger, check it out here!

    If you want some more advise on toolbelts, we have also written some Step-by-Step Guides on how to choose the set up best for you

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