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Top-selling Ink & Chalk Line Markers

Ink or chalk? We get asked this a lot...

It is down to personal preference, chalk is a more traditional marking technique but ink, which is increasingly popular, will produce a sharper line over a longer distance. Bear in mind the distance you are marking out and weather conditions.

These are our best sellers, all Japanese made, Shinwa and Tajima produce high quality and durable tool

Tajima Chalk Rite Jam Free

A premium marking tool that creates clean and precise lines! It hardly weighs a thing and feels stable as a rock!


Chalk Rite Jam Free with smooth winding five-gear chalk line with an ABS case

  • Jam free line spool
  • Braided 1mm extra-bold line
  • Durable ABS case with large refill port
  • 25m line length
  • Will take any brand of chalk


Ben Felstead ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Great line

Well built! Nice thin line which holds chalk well."

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        Tajima Chalk Rite Jam Free are compatible with 

        Shinwa Chalk for chalk line

        Comes in a large, sturdy plastic container with a screw top so no spillages.

        Colours: Yellow, Red, Blue, White, Pink, Green


        Paddy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

        "Quality chalky chalk

        Best chalk around by far, used most brands and the Shinwa is definitely the best. The blue is very visible even on dark surfaces and the green is so vivid it almost glows"

        Available refills, check here!!

        SHINWA Ink Line Marker Pro Plus Auto-rewinding and Thin String

        New lock function enables smooth opening of the tank lid and easy replacement of the thread.

        • Auto-rewind length 10 m
        • String length 20 m
        • String thickness 0.6 mm
        • Housing size 200 x 81 x 40 mm
        • Ink capacity max 15 ml

        SHINWA Ink Line Marker Pro Plus Auto-rewinding and Thin String fit with Ink for Line Marker - Rain resistant

         Comes in plastic bottle in such colours: black, red, blue.


          Tim Margereson ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

          "Brilliant ink line

          Really well made ink line. I've always used a chalk line but this is much finer and creates an excellent line to follow. The pre tension instructions take a bit of getting used too, i was tensioning it the opposite direction to start with, but when you do its a piece of cake. Much prefer this over a chalk line."

          The refills are available here!!


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