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Tool Bags | DiamondBack Toolbelts

Tool Bags | DiamondBack Toolbelts

Toolbags have been always been a popular choice in tool storage. DiamondBack Toolbelts offer a range of bags sizes using a modular organisation system.

DiamondBack Go Bag | Small Capacity

Designed for small hand tools, there are a variety of slots to keep your EDC in check.

It features 15 internal tool slots, 4 external tool slots, and an 11×7 external front zipper pocket.

The webbing on the outer pocket allows you to clip on extra accesories. This image above shows an EDC Pouch on the right and a DB Sax.

DiamondBack Tengo Bag - Medium/Large Capacity

The Tengo can be customised with any of the Go Panels to suit your carry needs, with 10 clip-on storage slots both internally & externally.

There are even foldable wings to protect your carry from rain and dust, they literally thought of everything!

DiamondBack Baere Tote

The Baere is designed for all those awkward shape tools you need to carry around, with an open, rigid structure you can easily access what you need.

It is lightweight & made with DiamondBack's trademark Diamondskin which is tough & light. It also features four exterior pockets as well as four interior pockets, which are sized for things like hand tools or other small accessories.

Again you can customise the interior by attaching Go panels.

DiamondBack Skopa Bucket

With a drawstring top closure and a carry handle this is a lightweight. Carry large or odd shaped tools, haul small debris from your work area, or store rags, sponges and other miscellaneous items.

You can switch the carry handle for a longer GoStrap for carrying on your shoulder.

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