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Small Capacity Pouches - Customer Reviews ✨

Small Capacity Pouches - Customer Reviews ✨

Are you after a handy, unbulky pouch with easy accessibility?

Then look no further!

These small capacity compact and versatile pouches are a game-changer when it comes to keeping your essential tools in order.

 Here are some reviews about our TOP small capacity pouches from our customers. It will be helpful to choose your best one. 

DiamondBack Toolbelts | The Mazo (Mallet) pouch


"A welcome change! Light weight and ample amount of storage for Tools. Very well balanced even without a diamondback belt. Looking to accessorise in the future! Great addition to the tool Arsenal."

- James J.


"Good quality light weight tool holder I bought this to use as a light weight pouch tool holder on a hip belt while on Property Maintenance work around clients homes.

It needed to hold just a few simple tools, tape measure, pencils and drill bits, small square, pliers or side cutters, cutting knife and a couple of screwdrivers. I also added the hammer sleeve afterwards as I can use it with different sized hammers or a mallet.

A really good tool pouch for wearing around my workshop or on maintenance jobs. Would recommend it as nothing in the UK comes close."

- David F.


"Perfect Extremely comfortable and small. Works great with the hammer holster. Generally my favorite dominant side pouch in the market. High quality material and stitching but I expect nothing less from diamondback!

- Jacob


"Great little pouch. Just right for what I need. Small speed square tape pencil drill all fit or hang off of this with room for other bits too"

- Rob C.


"Mazo pouch Great little pouch to add on with the hammer holster. Thanks again TF TOOLS." 

- Lee S.

DiamondBack Toolbelts | The Clavo (Nail) Trim pouch


"I originally just got the Mazo but it felt a bit unbalanced so I got the Clavo too. They work really well together if you want tool belt that isn’t massive like a lot of the others on the market."

- Jake M.


"Perfect for 2nd fix or lightweight rig Spot on for 2nd fix work when you want good storage without having big bags. Stays tight to the body and both big compartments are easy to get your hand in."

- Jamie G.


"Great Purchased along with the Mazo , both pouches very well thought out . My plan was to swap about between 1st & 2nd fix using my eagle & wrangler however I’ve not bothered as everything I carry fits in these 2 perfectly"

- Ian F.



"Great piece of kit and great service as always."

- Oliver M. 

DiamondBack Toolbelts | Bossman

DiamondBack Bossman - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd


"Not for Donkeys Great bit of kit when you don’t need to carry that much weighed down like a donkey .I wear this alongside the DB Gunloop on the right hand side will probably add the DB Clavo on the left for my ideal setup . Thanks once again TF Tools"

- Simon


"The pouch I didn't know I needed Bought on a bit of a whim, but is superb. Great for when you want to run light. Build quality is ace 👌"

- Ben B.


Occidental Leather Toolbelts | 5019 Pro Leather™ Utility Pouch

Occidental Leather 5019 Pro Leather™ Utility Pouch - Occidental LeatherTF Tools Ltd


"A very handy pouch to have , surprisingly large , can take a caulk line and laser measure no hassle delighted with my purchase"

- Larry M. 


"Secondary bag great bag to be put at the back for tape/chalkline/washers etc."

- Gary

Badger Toolbelts | Trimmer Tool Bag


"I do pretty much all aspects of carpentry so I needed a set up that wasn't too big but could hold a bunch of tools and fixings if needed and still be comfortable. I tried the Diamondback Artisan as its described as the kinda thing that suits my needs, but I found it way too big and not very comfortable (even without any kit in it).

So I ordered some occidental and badger kit to see if they were any better, and as soon as I tried the badger belt on I knew what I was having. The build quality is awesome, its well thought out. Its not too big and not too small and its really comfortable. Its also not cheap but you get what you pay for I guess.

I think the nail pouch could do with some simple improvements, such as the included sheath on the back side of the pouch that holds a pry bar. It doesn't hold the bar high enough, so it basically rubs against your trousers which I imagine would lead to a hole wearing through - so I just don't use it. And the sheaths for pry tools and what not could be adjusted to be tighter as a lot of tools just fall through.

But apart from that its a great pouch and does what I need it to do. The hammer sheath I find also a bit impractical, as I'm constantly getting my hammer caught on stuff when picking things up. And if working on the deck it sends to slide out and forwards, so I generally use the loop on the back of the belt for the hammer.

All in all though, after a few weeks of ownership I'm happy with my purchase. Awesome belt."

 - Charles S.


"Fantastic all round kit. And great service. Hard to find that in today’s world 🌎. If your reading this then your either already on the right road or about to be . Well done TF Tools 💕👍"

- Lee C.

Badger Toolbelts | Trimmer Fastener Bag


"Ordered the badger bags for 2nd fix work and so far I am really impressed ! Light weight but very tough material definitely worth the money 👍🏻"

- Clinton H.


"The trimmer bags are great, they are just enough bag for what you want to carry all day. you can load them up with enough tools anything more and you are gonna be too heavy. the pockets are good you don't loose fasteners jumping around and so forth. I have not run the actual badger belt yet, it looks high quality.

Just the right size where it sits higher on the waste the carpenter model seems to be more traditional framer rig style bags which can feel massive if you have them loaded up with joist hanger nails, etc. etc. these trimmer bags work just fine in the "carpenter" role (at least american carpentry :^)"

- Ryan M.


"Fantastic kit, still getting used to it as it’s new obviously, light , very comfortable and the pouches are easily accessible . Still haven’t quite got how my bits and bobs are but that’s just memory as I’ve moved things from my last set up."

- Lee C. 


Explore our full Small Capacity Pouches range now!! 


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