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Shop the Set Up - @tomrer_stissi & @grimwoodtom - TF Tools Ltd

Shop the Set Up - @tomrer_stissi & @grimwoodtom

We just love receiving your images and seeing how you use all the products that we have on offer every day! 

Here we have looked at a couple pictures from the week that we loved and wanted to share with you, not only that we want to show you just how you can get the same look, or items! 



The main pouch, that @tomrer_stissi uses in this set up is the DiamondBack Mazo! This pouch has been designed to be used on the dominant side and features on both the Chopo and the Maestro systems. The Mazo is mainly used for the small hand tools which you can see in the image! 

DiamondBack The Mazo (Mallet) pouch - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

@tomrer_stissi also likes to clip on the awesome Pica pencils. With a few on offer here at TF, this really is a personal preference as to what tip size you are after.

Pica DRY Longlife Automatic Pencil Graphite - PicaTF Tools Ltd

In the image, you can see that @tomrer_stissi also uses the DiamondBack toolbelt, and has also attached one of the DiamondBack Hammer holsters to keep hold of his Martinez M4.

DiamondBack Toolbelt - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

DiamondBack Hammer Holster - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd

Martinez 12oz M4 Titanium Finishing Hammer - MartinezTF Tools Ltd


We just love @grimwoodtom Martinez collection. Starting with the Green M4 Hulk, @grimwoodtom has even added the soft face attachment which goes perfectly. 

Martinez The Hulk 12oz M4 Titanium Finishing Hammer - MartinezTF Tools LtdMartinez M4 soft face attachment - MartinezTF Tools Ltd

In the middle you can see the M4 titanium handle being used with the Black overlay grip which has a curved classic Red cap. The hammer head used here is the Martinez M79 2lb sledge hammer head, as all of Martinez parts are interchangeable, so you can really get the combination that suits you best.

Martinez M4 Titanium Replacement Handle - no grip - MartinezTF Tools Ltd Martinez M1/M4 Grip Black Overlay - MartinezTF Tools LtdMartinez M79 2lb Sledge Hammer Head - MartinezTF Tools Ltd

The all Black combo, is known as the Dark Knight and this is also an M4 version! A super cool looking Martinez hammer which is one of our favourites. 

Martinez Dark Knight 12oz M4 Titanium Finishing Hammer - MartinezTF Tools Ltd

@grimwoodtom also uses the Martinez Titanium Pry Bar, an iconic tool that we have here at TF and to finish off his Martinez collection, @grimwoodtom uses the MTC Carpenters pencils. 

Martinez Titanium Pry Bar - MartinezTF Tools LtdMartinez MTC Carpenters Pencil 10 Pack & 1 Keel Holder - MartinezTF Tools Ltd



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