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Shinwa Pro Plus Tough Line Inkline marker - Tips and Tricks - TF Tools Ltd

Shinwa Pro Plus Tough Line Inkline marker - Tips and Tricks

A lot of our customers have asked how this works, so we have got TF Scott to create a short video showing you everything you need to know to get started. This blog will also hopefully answer some questions you may have. 

What does the Shinwa Pro Plus Tough Line Inkline Marker have?

  • This marker has a thinner string than the chalkline, meaning each line is precise.
  • The central reservoir can hold a decant amount of Ink.
  • The line is completely retractable.
  • There is also a wind up charging mechanism on the back.
  • A small tab is available which can be used for those tricky corners. 
  • The pin in the end section is also retractable making for ease of use.

Set Up tips and Tricks

When using the Shinwa Pro Plus Toughline Inkline Marker, we found that doing these couple little tricks will help with ease of use:

  1. When adding the ink to the reservoir, be sure to not overfill. If you fill it about half way full and ensure that the bottom sponge is completely saturated. Don't worry about the top sponge, as this will become saturated on use. 
  2. When using the Black Ink, if you add a drop of water every few goes to the reservoir, you will get way more use out of it. As the ink has so much pigment, by adding the water it just livens it up again. 

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