Quick Maintenance guide for your Viking Arm Solo

Quick Maintenance guide for your Viking Arm Solo

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We have some really great videos created by Viking Arm that talk you through some simple maintenance steps to help keep your Viking Arm Solo working on point...

Video 1: How to fix it if the Viking Arm will not lift/lifting only light weight

Video 1 is a perfect troubleshooting one to watch if the three friction plates seems to be stuck to each other (needs to be able to move independently from each other, even though it may seem like a microscopically movement).

Can be caused by a multitude of reasons, but typically from being used in a dusty environment for a while without being cleaned or lubricated.
NOTE that there is only one way the plates should be positioned and that is with all the cut of corners facing 5 o’clock when you hold the Viking Arm in front of you.  The lower handle must also be in down-position.
Viking Arm Solo

Video 2: How to do regular maintenance on your Viking Arm

Video 3: How to change the lock unit on a Viking Arm

Video 4: How to replace the pin in the handle on a Viking Arm

When completing any maintenence work on your Viking arm make sure to use fine technical oil WITHOUT silicon. They use oil for air pressured tools.

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