Part 5 - Do I need Suspenders?

Part 5 - Do I need Suspenders?

Suspenders- an addition your back will thank you for!

Suspenders distribute the weight of your set up across your shoulders and away from your hips, giving you an extra level of support. 

DiamondBack, Occidental Leather and Badger Toolbelts all offer types of suspenders. Click on the links for more information about each set of suspenders.



  • 4 point (2 attachments at front & 2 at back)
  • Suspenders have a metal clip which will attach to the metal ring/loop on belt

DiamondBack have Basic and Deluxe suspender options - The Basics are made from the same ultra-tough, durable 2″ webbing that we use in our belts and are adjustable at all four contact points, while the Deluxe are made of robust 3/4″ webbing to prevent pinch points with specially designed padded yolk to cushion and deflect pressure.



Badger Toolbelts:


  • 3 point (2 attachments at front & 1 in centre at the back)
  • Suspenders nylon webbing threads through the belt suspender loops with a buckle to secure it. 

These Badger suspenders will provide you with additional comfort for your toolbelt carry. Available in Gunmetal grey and Sawdust Sage made from durable nylon and padded across the top of the shoulders & front of chest

Occidental Leather:


  • 4 point (2 attachments at front & 2 at back)
  • Suspenders have a metal clip which will attach to the metal ring/loop on belt

Occidental have the 5009 Leather Work Suspenders, 5055 Stronghold Suspension System, 1546 Stronghold Lights, along with 5044 Suspender Extensions and 5509 Suspender Loop Attachment Set. The 1546, 5055 and 5009 will work with the 8003 and 5035 belts. 

The 5009 traditional heavy duty leather suspenders. Hand crafted from Bridle leather, these “work horse” fully adjustable suspenders feature large shoulder pads along with heavy duty spring clips which snap on and off your work belt with the direct connection loop hardware (included). 


The 5055 is comfortably padded and the contoured yoke relieves hips and lower back strain. This design keeps straps from wandering off your shoulders and distributes weight evenly. The leather loop attachment system for up to a 3" belt is included (5055K).


The 1546 is an ultra-light industrial nylon suspension set with a leather loop attachment system. It has pockets at chest height for pencils or clip-on items, comfortable to wear for even weight distribution. Heavy duty spring clips snap on and off. 


The 5044 work well for the taller builder above 6"2, a pair of these straps provide an additional 10” to the length of your suspenders. The 5509 kit of pre-riveted D ring loops attach your suspenders (model numbers 1546, 5009 & 5055) to additional belts for slip on attachment.

If you want some more advise on toolbelts, we have also written some Step-by-Step Guides on how to choose the set up best for you

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