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Part 9 - Occidental Leather user reviews

One of our biggest brands is Occidental Leather Toolbelts!!

We love them, and so do our customers...

Occidental Leather 9525 - The Finisher Tool Belt Set



"This is my go to rig. It's lightweight and comfortable. I would say the pockets are of a medium size and easy to organise with a good balance of pockets suitable for tools and fixings. Great little slot for speed square too. I use it for all elements of my carpentry"

- Rob C. 

Occidental Leather B5060 3 Pouch Pro Fastener™ Pouch


"The occidental setup is a fabulous kit should have bought it 20years ago just like to say thanks to tf tools for all the help and support" 

- Denis F.

Occidental Leather 8003 - 3" Leather & Nylon Tool Belt


"The occidental gear is really top notch. It is a different league to the run of the mill stuff. Use the belt every day and it fella better and better."

- Chris R.

Occidental Leather 5035 HD 3" Ranger Work Belt


"Top Quality Leather Work Belt This is a fine top quality leather belt and should last for many years. Prospective purchasers should, however, take care in selecting their size. I am a 32” waist and ordered a Small. Wrong!! It was way too small. I now have a Medium size and am using the centre hole for a comfortable fit over a work-shirt leaving four holes for expansion for when wearing a jacket. Thanks to tf Tools for a quick exchange."

                                                  - Ordric

 Occidental Leather 9525LH - The Finisher™ Tool Belt Set - LH


"Very good pouches I’ve had so many different pouches but these bags with a badger belt is fantastic incredibly comfy. Pouches are nice & open so you can fit a lot in. Speed square slot on occidental can’t be beat by other brands"

                                                        -Gareth Pengelly 

Occidental Leather 9520 - OxyFinisher™ Fastener Pouch


"Perfect! Perfect pouch, no more walking around looking for the most used tools laying around everywhere :-) Good fit with regular belt. (Fast shipping to the Netherlands👍)!"

- Bram

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