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WoodOwl Auger Bits

We've worked with WoodOwl for a good few years now. They come packaged in a handy tube and are made in Japan to brilliant quality. These augers are unrivalled in their ability to cut an effortless clean hole through even large section green oak. The Ultra Smooth product range is designed specifically for cutting through timber. We have the exclusive UK & European rights for selling this product range.

Top Tip: you can sharpen your fluted tips using a diamond needle file!

Our best selling product from this brand would be the WoodOwl Ultra Smooth Wood Boring Auger Bit 7-1/2" Length:

We also sell these bits in 18" LengthWoodOwl Nail Chipper Tri Cut Ship Augers, and WoodOwl Plug Cutter & Countersink Sets in 9mm and 12mm!



Here's a video we made showing how to use these auger bits:

Photo Creds: Woodowl, @tftools

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