Micro Square Comparisons - Hultafors, Martinez & TrigJig

Micro Square Comparisons - Hultafors, Martinez & TrigJig

We have some great 4in Micro squares available at TF, and this Blog is just to give you a few extra bits of info on the similarities and differences!

To start with, here is a short video of TF Scott talking through the different markings & uses on this range of 4in Micro Trim squares, what scribe marks & angle finder shortcuts they each have and how to use them.

To reiterate what Scott said, here is the information if you wanted to look back later. 

All of the Micro squares available have all similar standard features:

  • They have got the angle graduations down the side for quick referencing your angles
  • You are able to draw square using all of them
  • Most of them have got the scribe marks along the bottom so that you can line up with a parallel perpendicular line to make your accurate parallel lines which is super handy for marking out studs

Hultafors Mini Metric Rafter Square

This square features a solid aluminium body with CNC machined edges to help with accuracy and durability.  

This tool is perfect if you are wanting to make fast and precise 45° and 90° markings. 

Hultafors Mini Metric Rafter square - HultaforsTF Tools Ltd

There is also a section for marking out 3.5inch birdsmouth, which is a US convention so may not be as useful in the UK.

There is also a handy pad on the back of the square, which is perfect for writing down measurements and the best thing is it can be easily wiped off.

Hultafors Mini Metric Rafter square - HultaforsTF Tools Ltd

Martinez Tools Micro Square Metric

Martinez Tools have two real smart Micro squares on offer. One which has been made with a Titanium blade and the other made from powder coated aluminium

Martinez Micro Square All Black Edition – Metric version - MartinezTF Tools Ltd

You can use these to create a nice quick reference mark for 45° and 60° angles, by pivoting on the corner. They also have the ability to make parallel 15mm, 22.5mm & 30mm with a couple extra increments.

The Micro squares also have a slight overhang on the heel which is handy for marking out architraves. And it also has some extra mm markings on this section!

Last extra feature, is the hip value rafter markings. For example if you wanted to do a 30° hip cut, then this would be perfect! A great way to sort your hip and valley cut quickly and accurately. 

The Titanium Rapid Square is also available in different colour heels. Available colours are Red, Orange, TF Gold, Blue, Black, Nightstalker Camo.

TrigJig Micro Trim Square MTS100

Another great option when marking angles or parallel markings. 

TrigJig | Micro Trim Square MTS 100

This Micro square does offer more options with the scribe marks as these are actually every 2mm, so this will just offer that extra bit of accuracy.

We have got some killer colour combos on offer. The original Blue/Silver, All Black, Black/Red, Black/Gold, Black/Silver and Black/Blue!

Trigjig PS-100 Pocket Square

This little beauty is just like a micro square but with a few extra features.

TrigJig | PS-100 Pocket Square

So you have got every 5mm scribe mark increments down the side and then you have every mm in between marked next to it. This will allow for super quick referencing and it will mean that you can create more accurate work. So if you're in the workshop or at a bench then this would be an amazing added tool. 

It is also really helpful for marking angles with lots of quick reference angle marks. The slots are graduated every 5° and then there are marks along the outer edge with all the degrees that you may need. 

TrigJig | PS-100 Pocket Square

Why not take a look at all of our measuring tools on offer...

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