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Medium Capacity pouches - Customer reviews✨

Medium Capacity pouches - Customer reviews✨

Medium capacity pouches are designed to provide convenience, efficiency, and organization by keeping all the necessary tools within arm's reach. With multiple pockets and compartments, they offer ample space to store and carry a variety of tools, such as hammers, screwdrivers, measuring tapes, and nails.

Let's have a look at some feedback for the most popular options of medium capacity bags. 

DiamondBack Toolbelts | The Eagle Pouch

 DiamondBack The Eagle Pouch - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd


"Amazing pouch, very well made and everything thought of. I’ve wore a Single pouch on the left side for over 25 years but this beats any I’ve had by a long way. Currently constructing truss roofs and traditional roofs and this is a must, for different types of fixings, roofing square, tape and nothing gets in your way as they all have a place. Highly recommended."

- Lee S.


"Unbelievable quality.... Ordered the pouch a monday night and recieved it Wednesday. Both the pouch and service are excellent. The pouch is comfortable on the hip and has convenient pockets to suit a range of tools."

- Adam B.

DiamondBack The Eagle Pouch - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd


"Like I said, Diamondback is amazing. My Mitre and Eagle & belt are ready for hard exercise. Thanks TFTOOLS, every time 5Stars for you and your products

Thanks Kaloyan" 

- Kaloyan Y.


"The eagle has landed Great pouch well made does and carries everything I need would recommend oh and great service from tf as always"

- James G.


"Got the Diamond back Eagle pouch to pair up with the mazo pouch for roofing and framing jobs, it has enough pockets to hold all the tools I need , well thought out organiser of tools and fasteners . Not cheap but well made with a good warranty so good value when you take this into consideration"

- Mike F. 


DiamondBack Toolbelts | Miter pouch



"Nice and light prefer the occidental suspenders but apart from that it will take a lot for me to part with this one"

- James K.


"As you would expect from diamondback another well made pouch plenty of pockets bit holders tape holder with this added to my vest rig it's all I need now to carry everything close to hand would definitely recommend this towards your setup"

- Stewart J.

DiamondBack Miter pouch - DiamondbackTF Tools Ltd


"Great tool pouch so much better than your average tool pouches love how slim they are and works great with the hammer holster"

- Peter B.


"10/10 amazing products and fast delivery great service will 100% be using again"

- Cameron M.

Occidental Leather Toolbelts | 9520 - OxyFinisher™ Fastener Pouch


"Perfect! Perfect pouch, no more walking around looking for the most used tools laying around everywhere :-) Good fit with regular belt. (Fast shipping to the Netherlands👍)"

- Bram

Occidental Leather 9520 - OxyFinisher™ Fastener Pouch - Occidental LeatherTF Tools Ltd


"Good decent pouch. Very light compared to leather. Speed square is the best on occidental. Handy having the two pouches for different fixings"

- Gareth 

Badger Toolbelts | Carpenter Fastener Bag Side x Side

Badger Carpenter Fastener Bag - Badger ToolbeltsTF Tools Ltd


"Best tool belts made. Best tool pouches and belts ever made. The original diamondback! Tried all the others so coming from experience lol"

- Dan.b


"Excellent best bag iv bought"

- Andy L.

Badger Toolbelts | Carpenter Tool Bag


"Love this belt! Worth every penny. Its lightweight, comfortable and love the colour! Thanks TF tools 🔨🪚"

- Jack H.

Badger Carpenter Tool Bag - Badger ToolbeltsTF Tools Ltd


"Perfect pouch"

- Josh B. 

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