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How to size your DiamondBack or Badger Belt

What belt is the right size for me?

Choosing the right size belt is important. Not just so you are comfortable but also so that the back support is working effectively and your pouches are in the best position on your body

The belts in the DiamondBack Toolbelt and Badger Toolbelt ranges are designed so that there is a wide padded section which fits around your sides & the small of your back to help distribute the weight of your loaded pouch carry. 

It might feel like it it is sat too high up but if it is in across the base of your back, that is exactly right.

There is a nylon webbing belt with runs around the outside of the padded part which fastens at the front with a Cobra buckle. This nylon webbing has up to 12in adjustment, which means you can increase the size of the toolbelt for wearing over winter layers.

BUT.. you need to size it based on just wearing a t-shirt so that it fits your body snuggly.

The most common issue we are asked about on belt sizing is where the padded section should sit.

In reality if you are a size Medium, and you wear a size Small belt by extending the nylon webbing further but this would move the whole padded section further back around your body.

This also means the pouches would then be sat much further back towards your back and be more difficult to reach comfortably,

So how do I tell if my belt is fitted right?

Start by wearing your usual work trousers and a t-shirt. Then when your put your toolbelt on, the padded section should sit around the point of your hip bones. further back than this will result in the pouches being sat further back towards your back.

Don't forget to team your toolbelt set with some DiamondBack Toolbelt or  Badger Toolbelt suspenders too

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