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How do you choose the right hammer for you? - TF Tools Ltd

How do you choose the right hammer for you?

What hammer you need depends on a few different factors.

What is your main type of work, are you mainly first fix/ roofing or more second fix/joinery or perhaps a mixture of both?

Best for First fix & roofing

Starting with the heavier option, Martinez 15oz M1 Titanium Framing Hammer, this is equivalent to the Estwing 20z, despite the fact it is lightweight, due to the weight being at the head end of the hammer, the striking force will be on par.

The face is round with two different finishes, smooth or milled. Which face type is usually based on personal preference but the general guide is if you want to reduce marring the wood choose smooth, if you want more grip in wet weather chose milled.

The handle you have two options M1 (length) or M4 (length). The best seller all round is the M1 15 oz, smooth face, M1 handle and curved grip. But, tool designer, Mark Martinez, preferred combination is an M1 15oz head on an M4 handle. We have the Martinez  Mix & Match M1 / M4 options available to cover these combinations which are also very popular.

Best for Second fix & joinery

The Martinez Tools 12oz M4 Finishing Hammer, which is equivalent to an Estwing 16oz, is designed for smaller, internal carpentry works.

The face has a flat top to allow getting into corners and is available in smooth or dimple. Dimple means that the textured surface is inverted into the face, opposite direction of milled which is external. The idea behind dimple on the M4 is that it will marr the surface of the wood less than a milled face would but still allows some grip.


Again, you can opt for either an M1 handle or an M4 if you are going down the Mix & Match or Build Your Own route. As standard the M4 comes on the shorter M4 handle.

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